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Mário Valney

Mário Valney is 25 years old and started to study web development at 15.

Worked as Webmaster in the group “Presença Salesiana de Fortaleza”, developing and managing all the sites (2 schools, 1 church and 1 radio). In 2012, created a social network called Área 11 to the fans of japanese culture.

After that, he worked at “Grupo de Comunicação O POVO” in its website called O POVO Online, the biggest news site in state as Front-End Developer and Web Designer Comercial (responsible to manage and create all digital advertisings, hotsites and e-mail marketing, connecting the people from Commercial and the Developers).

Beside this, he was a Google Student Ambassador at Fortaleza, Brazil. He created presentations and activities like workshops, lightning talkings and meetings and he talks about Google’s products spreading the Google’s culture at campus.

At the moment he works as Full Stack Developer in Vizir Software Studio.

His biggest hobby is talking about WordPress and APIs and to watch series on Netflix too.
Always tries to help some open-source project on GitHub, like the Fortaleza Bus Map or Calypso and sometimes create some nonsense project on localhost.

Love to help people in the WordPress Community:

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WordPress Contributions


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O grupo Albuquerque & Correia Holding Group é uma das maiores referências em geração de riqueza no Nordeste brasileiro.

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